Classes on the Farm

An inspiring series of workshops hosted by Bella Luna Farms

We are excited to welcome our neighbors, friends and soon-to-be new friends to the farm for a new series of courses focusing on such subjects as traditional food crafts and techniques, nature-inspired decor, and even family-friendly fun in the kitchen. We hope you’ll join us to gather around the table, perhaps learn something new, and help build our community.
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Wreaths, Garlands & Holiday Centerpieces

DECEMBER 7, 2019 • 9 AM

There is nothing sweeter on a cold autumn day than being greeted by a fragrant wreath at the front door and a crackling fire on the hearth. In this workshop, we will explore using fall foliage to beautifully adorn your home. Not only will you learn the meaning behind traditional wreath-making, but also the techniques for making your own wreaths while creating a beautiful wreath or fall centerpiece to take home with you. You will have the opportunity to work with freshly harvested evergreen foliage such as fir, cedar, and rosemary, and more to make your own personalized creation.

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Galettes Galore

JANUARY 11, 2020 • 9 AM

There is nothing more beautiful than a perfectly-browned galette emerging hot from the oven showcasing a mound of gorgeous jewel-toned fruits. And the real beauty for the home cook is how simple they can be to create with a few tricks! In this workshop, we will master the art of crafting the perfect galette dough and then transforming it into both savory and dessert galettes. We will share the fruits of our labor together over a light meal, and each student will leave with a galette of their own creation.

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Pickling & Preserving

JANUARY 25, 2020 • 9 AM
$125; includes all materials for class

With deep winter approaching, what better thing to do than take to the kitchen to bottle up some summer for a rainy day? It is time to preserve all the bounty of the Pacific Northwest. Our resident farmer and chef, Pam Thompson, will show you how to make your very own apple butter as well as preserve it for later. While the apples are stewing, we will also make some preserved lemons and wine-poached pears. After working up an appetite, we will share a light meal together before you leave with several jars of creations to take home and recipes to recreate!

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Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating with Kids

FEBRUARY 8, 2020 • 9:30 AM
$90 per adult; $40 per child (Adult to accompany child. Please no more than two children per adult)

A perfect present for your child and you to spend time together, or for perhaps Grandma or Grandpa to accompany your little one and give yourself the gift of time! We will be decorating cookies (certified nut-free!) with a plethora of decorative elements. A light lunch will be served and each child will leave with a plateful of creatively decorated cookies and a set of cookie cutters for next time!

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