Farm Map

Bella Luna Farms logo mark

Stone Barn

Home to our gaggle of goats, with indoor and outdoor paddocks for the ‘girls’ to roam, the stone barn also features an elegant loft retreat tucked away upstairs, complete with warm wood paneling, high ceilings and a luxurious bedroom suite.

Bellsong Creamery

The official outpost for our farmstead creamery, where cheeses both fresh and aged are crafted with love in small batches.

Kitchen Garden & Walled Garden

These lovely gardens produce a wealth of produce year-round: Pungent herbs in the summer, a bounty of summer lettuces, berries, and fruits, and then hearty winter greens and vegetables in the fall.

Grape House

A wonderful setting for cocktail hour or an intimate event, the glass-encased Grape House features beautiful cascading grapevines and seasonal grape clusters overhead, with double doors opening to a peaceful view of the surrounding gardens.

Farm Kitchen

The cornerstone of Bella Luna, housing our bustling farmhouse kitchen.

Wood Fired Oven

We’ve completed a new addition to the Bella Luna grounds: An outdoor, wood-burning oven imported from Italy. The Mugnaini oven is housed in a custom-built stone surround, flanked by two small buffets for prep work.

The Duck Pond

Home to our resident ducks, and the perfect backdrop for wedding ceremonies.